Becker Electric Response and Innovation Earns Top Honda Awards

​Becker Electric Supply’s response to an urgent Saturday night call to troubleshoot a new control system kept a Honda auto plant in production and earned the Dayton-based company a top recognition award. In addition, the longtime supplier was among only eight companies receiving Honda’s 2008 Supplier of the Year award for being the best in its category at providing maintenance, repair and operational (MRO) services. More than 2,100 MRO suppliers support Honda of America Mfg. Inc.’s four Ohio plants with a wide range of equipment and business services. Honda’s MRO Purchasing Department presented the two awards to the entire team at Becker Electric’s headquarters on Wednesday, for their leadership at increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs while also providing top service levels. For its Special Recognition award, Becker stepped in to troubleshoot the controller for a new auto conveyor system in the East Liberty Auto Plant. With the start of production looming Monday morning, time was growing short as the Honda project team tried to resolve the control system problems late on a Saturday, so they called Becker for assistance. Becker Electric’s Dennis Shireman arrived Sunday morning, providing the additional expertise needed to get the new conveyor into operation. “It is not an exaggeration to tell you that this project would have been a month or two behind schedule, or put on hold, without Dennis’ help,” said Mike Wallace, manager of Honda’s MROPurchasing. “This company met our needs when they least expected it, and this is what separates them from the competition.” Founded in 1920, Becker Electric distributes electrical supplies, automation controls and lighting from 12 locations in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Georgia. With more than 200 employees, Becker Electric has been expanding its business providing equipment and services for installation of industrial controls and electrical distribution systems, including electrical automation. “Our growth has come from developing strong business relationships with customers like Honda, as well as with our suppliers, to manage costs and increase efficiencies,” Becker Electric President Dave Adkinson said. “We have continued a strong commitment to being responsive to our customers and to growth in our markets.” Six of Honda’s Suppliers of the Year are located in Ohio: Dayton-based John A. Becker Co.; Rosewood Machine & Tool, Rosewood, Ohio; The Ohio Transmission Corp., Columbus; McAuliffe’s Industrial LLC, Marysville; RPM Carbide Die, Inc., Arcadia, and Paragon Service & Supply, Lima. The remaining recipients are Industrial Control Repair, Warren, Mich., and Houghton International, Valley Force, Pa. Honda of America Mfg. operates four of Honda’s five manufacturing plants in Ohio – the Marysville Motorcycle Plant, Marysville Auto Plant, East Liberty Auto Plant and Anna Engine Plant. The company’s 12,500 associates produced more than 700,000 cars and light trucks in Ohio last year along with more than 1 million auto engines, while also manufacturing Gold Wing touring andVTX 1300 cruiser motorcycles. Honda 2008 MRO Suppliers of the Year John A. Becker Co. Sidney, Ohio Office Headquarters: Dayton, Ohio Electrical Supply & Service Automation, control, conduit, cabling, lighting Services provided to Anna Engine Plant from Sidney location, and to Marysville and East Liberty auto plants from Columbus facility. The Ohio Transmission Corp.Columbus, Ohio Power Transmission Supply & ServiceBearings, cylinders, pumps, gearboxes, valves used for mechanical & power transmission systems. McAuliffe’s Industrial LLC Marysville, Ohio General Mill Supply & Service Hand tools, abrasives, tape, fasteners, janitorial products, and miscellaneous metals and plastics. Rosewood Machine & Tool Rosewood, Ohio Precision Measurement Supply & Service Meters, chart recorders, fixtures, gauges, fabrications, machining. RPM Carbide Die, Inc.Arcadia, OhioParagon Service & Supply Lima, Ohio Production Cutting and Tooling Supply & Service Drills, taps, inserts, grinding wheels, cutters, die punches RPM and Paragon tied in this category Industrial Control Repair Warren, Mich. Manufacturing Services Waste, calibration, part repairing, outside labor & manpower, information services, packaging, office equipment, industrial and administrative contracts Houghton InternationalValley Forge, Pa.Formulated Products Lubricants, coolants, rust preventatives and other industry-based fluids Honda 2008 MRO Special Recognition Starwin Industries Dayton, Ohio Chemcast Ltd.Danville, Ill.“Plant Manager’s Award“Anna Engine PlantIn response to a major fire at a foundry supplier, Starwin Industries and Chemcast expedited the purchase, installation and start-up of equipment to maintain production of sand cores used in ferrous and aluminum casting.Their actions prevented significant production down-time at Honda’s Anna Engine Plant in Ohio. As a result, Honda associates continued making passenger cars and light trucks in Ohio, Alabama and Canada without interruption. John A. Becker Co.Dayton, Ohio Special Recognition John A. Becker Co. responded on a Sunday to troubleshoot problems with a newly installed control system at the East Liberty Auto Plant. Their action allowed production to start on time the next day. The Ohio Transmission Corp. Columbus, Ohio Special Recognition Honda was preparing to purchase and install two robots for a new vehicle undercoating process at the Marysville Auto Plant.Challenging conventional thinking, Ohio Transmission pointed out the amount of down time within the existing group of robots. Through testing, they proved that the new process could be added to the existing cell of robots. Tru-Edge Grinding St. Henry, Ohio Special Recognition. Through its innovative approach, Tru-Edge was instrumental in developing new regrind technology that allows the Anna Engine Plant to regrind existing “worn out” cutting tools in the plant. 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