Leading by example from Day One.

​​It’s been more than 30 years since the first U.S.-made Honda Accord rolled off the line at our Marysville manufacturing plant in November 1982. Back then we had only a dream to guide us, yet we always knew we had the potential for greatness.

The reason was simple: Our flagship vehicle, the Honda Accord, was a game changer. Small, light, compact, stylish and economical – it was all the things that every other car on the road wasn’t. It would redefine America’s love affair with the automobile and lay the foundations for all that was to follow.

Over the years the quality of our products and the unstoppable spirit of our highly skilled Ohio associates have allowed us to continually set new standards of engineering excellence.

Today, our operations include four state-of-the-art plants here in Ohio, employing nearly 9,500 people and contributing millions of dollars to the Ohio economy every year.

What began as a handshake between Soichiro Honda and Ohio Governor James Rhodes in 1977 has grown into an Ohio operation of global stature and influence, a creative worldwide leader responsible for the launch of Honda models throughout the world.

That’s some success story, and it’s just the beginning.

  • 1977 - Motorcycle Plant in Marysville, Ohio


    ​On October 11, plans were announced to construct a $35 million motorcycle plant in Marysville, Ohio.

  • 1978 - Construction Under Way


    ​Construction gets under way of the first production facility by a Japanese auto manufacturer in the U.S.

  • 1979 - Mr. Honda Visited


    ​Our founder Soichiro Honda visits the Original 64 associates at the newly opened motorcycle plant outside of Marysville.

  • 1979 - Production Begins


    ​Production begins at our Marysville Motorcycle Plant on September 10. The CR250R motocross model is the first model we make there.

  • 1980 - Plans for Auto Plant in Marysville


    ​We announce plans to construct a $250-million auto plant next to the Motorcycle Plant in Marysville.

  • 1981 - Construction Underway


    ​Construction of the one-million square-foot auto plant next to the motorcycle plant in Marysville is well under way.

  • 1982 - Installing Engine Block


    ​Two associates install an engine block on a 1982 Accord as production begins at the Marysville Auto Plant.

  • 1982 - The First Accord


    ​On November 1, the first Accord rolls off the assembly line at the Marysville Auto Plant.

  • 1984 - Unveils Plans in Anna, OH


    ​We unveil plans for a $30-million engine plant in Anna, Ohio. If the manufacture of motorcycle engines proves successful, we’ll manufacture auto engines at the Anna plant.

  • 1985 - Production of the Gold Wing Begins


    ​Production of the first American-made Honda engine, the GL1200 for the Gold Wing motorcycle line, begins on July 22 at the new Anna Engine Plant.

  • 1986 - The First Civic Sedan


    ​The first U.S.-made Civic sedan rolls off the assembly line on July 24 at the Marysville Auto Plant, just four years after it all began.

  • 1987 - First 4-Door Accord


    ​Our first automobile in Ohio, the 4-door Accord, built on November 1, 1982, is put on permanent loan to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, for a display on the history of the automobile in America.

  • 1988 - First Accord Coupe for Export


    ​In January, Marysville produces the first Accord Coupe for export to Japan.

  • 1988 - 1,000,000th Vehicle


    ​We produce our one-millionth vehicle, a 1988 Civic Sedan, on April 8.

  • 1988 - Construction at Second Auto Plant


    ​Associates gather during construction of our second automobile plant, located in East Liberty.

  • 1989 - Soichiro Honda Hall of Fame


    ​Our founder Soichiro Honda commemorates his induction into the Automotive Hall of Fame in Midland, Michigan, as its first Japanese member.

  • 1989 - Accord Mass Production


    ​The all-new 1990 Accord begins mass production on September 14, marking the third time in seven years that our associates have accomplished a full model change without interruption of regular production.

  • 1991 - One Millionth Engine


    ​Our one-millionth engine, a 2.2-liter Accord 4-cylinder, is produced at the Anna Engine Plant on February 14.

  • 1991 - First Accord Wagon


    ​As it rolls off the production line for the first time, the Accord Wagon becomes our first automobile to be designed, engineered and manufactured exclusively in the United States.

  • 1991 - East Liberty Auto Plant


    ​East Liberty Auto Plant associates celebrate the launch of the 1992 Civic in October.

  • 1992 - 10th Anniversary


    ​We celebrate ten years of automobile production in the United States. With more than 10,000 American associates and production exceeding 450,000 automobiles, we become the third largest manufacturer of automobiles in the United States.

  • 1993 - 3 Millionth Vehicle


    ​Marysville produces its three-millionth vehicle on January 21, a special Anniversary Accord model to commemorate ten years of U.S. auto production.

  • 1994 - 100,000th Car for Export


    ​Marysville produces its 100,000th car for export in a single year.

  • 1995 - 10th Anniversary


    ​The Anna Engine Plant celebrates its 10th anniversary of production.

  • 1995 - One Millionth Civic


    ​The one-millionth Civic produced rolls off the production line at the East Liberty Auto Plant. The export model Civic Coupe is bound for Germany.

  • 1996 - 1 Millionth Vehicle at Marysville


    ​The one-millionth vehicle built at the Marysville Motorcycle Plant, a 1997 Gold Wing Aspencade, is produced during the eighth annual Honda Homecoming event.

  • 1998 - Celebrate


    ​Our associates celebrate the launch of the all-new 1998 model Accord.

  • 2001 - 10 Millionth Vehicle


    ​We produce our ten-millionth vehicle in North America on April 16.

  • 2002 - Accord Sedan


    ​In its seventh generation, the Accord Sedan drives off the production line on August 16. The plant launches the 2003 Accord during a rolling model change while continuing to produce the previous model.

  • 2002 - Honda Element


    ​Production of the Honda Element begins at the East Liberty Auto Plant on November 26. Our first light duty truck is built in Ohio.

  • 2003 - 10 Millionth Automobile


    ​We achieve a significant milestone after more than two decades of U.S. automotive manufacturing. We produce our ten-millionth automobile in the United States on November 25.

  • 2004 - Kazuo Nakagawa


    ​During a celebration of Marysville’s 25th anniversary on September 10, our first President Kazuo Nakagawa re-enacts the line-off of our first product built here, the 250R Elsinore off-road bike, as the Original 64 associates cheer him on.

  • 2006 - Honda CR-V


    ​Production of the all-new third-generation Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle begins at the East Liberty Auto Plant on September 25.

  • 2006 - RDX


    ​Production of the Acura RDX sports luxury SUV begins at the Marysville Auto Plant on July 17. The RDX features a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine built at the Anna Engine Plant, its first turbo engine.

  • 2008 - Acura TL


    ​Marysville Auto Plant associates launch the all-new 2009 Acura TL.

  • 2009 - Honda Accord Crosstour


    ​On November 3, associates at the East Liberty Auto Plant begin mass production of the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour, a new type of crossover utility vehicle that combines the refinement of the Accord with the versatile characteristics of a sport utility vehicle.

  • 2010 - 10 Millionth Unit at Marysville


    ​Associates at the Marysville Auto Plant celebrate producing the plant’s ten-millionth unit on July 20.

  • 2010 - 25 Years of Manufacturing


    ​On July 21, associates at the Anna Engine Plant welcome government and community leaders to celebrate 25 years of manufacturing at Honda’s largest auto engine plant.

  • 2010 - Honda Transmission


    ​Local government and community leaders gather on the property of Honda Transmission for a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate an expansion and renovation projects. The combined projects total $95 million in investment.

  • 2011 - CR-V


    ​The all-new, fourth-generation CR-V rolls off the assembly line at the East Liberty Auto Plant on November 29, the first official day of mass production.

  • 2012 - Anna Engine Plant


    ​State and community leaders gather at the Anna Engine Plant for the announcement of a $98-million investment at the plant. We will manufacture key components of the Continuous Variable Transmission, a critical part of our all-new Earth Dreams Technology.

  • 2012 - Acura RDX


    ​Community officials and Honda and Acura dealers join us for a celebration as the East Liberty Auto Plant begins mass production of the all-new 2013 Acura RDX.

  • 2012 - The New Accord


    ​We welcome our latest arrival, the all-new 2013 Accord, with great anticipation as government officials and local community members join us to celebrate the start of mass production.

  • 2012 - One Millionth Auto for Export


    ​Twenty-five years ago, the first Honda Accord for export rolled off the assembly line at the Marysville Auto Plant. That same model marks the one-millionth automobile for export from the U.S. Since 1987, we’ve exported more than $22 billion worth of automobiles and components from the U.S.

  • 2013 - Acura NSX Supercar


    ​We celebrate the location announcement for production of the all-new Acura NSX supercar. The vehicle will be produced at a new $70-million advanced Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, located in the midst of our existing R&D and production engineering operations.

  • 2013 - Continuously Variable Transmissions


    ​At our engine plant in Anna, we celebrate the mass production startup of high precision pulley components for the new generation of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). They’re part of our Earth Dreams Technology powertrain series.

  • 2013 - 2014 Accord, The First Hybrid Built In Ohio


    ​A brilliant, silver 2014 Accord Hybrid was unveiled during a line off ceremony on Tuesday, September 10 at the Marysville Auto Plant. This is the first Hybrid model built in Ohio.

  • 2013 - The East Liberty Auto Plant reached a milestone with the production of its one millionth CR-V sport utility vehicle in December


    ​The East Liberty Auto Plant reached a milestone with the production of its one millionth CR-V sport utility vehicle in December.

  • 2014 - 10 Million Accords


    ​On March 20, all four Honda auto plants in America celebrated the cumulative production of 20 million automobiles in the U.S. On the same day, the 10 millionth U.S.-built Honda Accord rolled off the assembly line at Honda’s first U.S. auto plant in Marysville, Ohio.

  • 2014 - TLX


    ​On July 14, the Marysville Auto Plant celebrated the start of mass production of the brand new 2015 Acura TLX. The TLX’s two powerful and efficient direct-injected engines, are both produced locally at the the state-of-the-art Anna Engine Plant.

  • 2014 - Another milestone for the East Liberty Auto Plant


    ​On October 21, The East Liberty Auto Plant celebrated its 25th anniversary of auto production. The ceremony coincided with the plant being awarded the 2015 MotorTrend Sporty/Utility of the Year® award for the East Liberty produced Honda CR-V.

  • 2014 - HHC


    ​On December 18, The Honda Heritage Center opened its doors offering the world a glimpse of the innovative history and growth the company has achieved in Ohio and North America during the past 55 years.

  • 2015 - ILX


    ​On January 27, the Marysville Auto Plant celebrated the mass production launch of the 2016 Acura ILX. Production of the vehicle was transferred to Marysville from Indiana Auto Plant, and became the second Acura model produced at the Marysville Auto Plant alongside the Acura TLX.

  • 2015 - RDX


    ​On April 15, the East Liberty Auto Plant celebrated production of their 5 millionth vehicle, as well as the mass production start of the refreshed 2016 Acura RDX.

  • 2015 - AEP


    ​On July 22, the Anna Engine Plant celebrated its 30th anniversary! From humble beginnings in a farmhouse in Anna, Ohio in 1985 to the mass production of a brand new turbo engine in 2015, the Anna Engine Plant has transformed itself over the last three decades into Honda’s largest engine plant in the world.

  • 2016 - PMC


    On May 24, the Performance Manufacturing Center introduced the world to the brand new Acura NSX. Rick Hendrick was on hand to take the keys for Vin 001 which he purchased at the Barrett-Jackson Auction for $1.2 million. ​

  • 2016 - ELP


    ​On November 21, the East Liberty Auto Plant celebrated the start of mass production for the All-New 2017 CR-V. East Liberty served as the global manufacturing lead for the model, the first of 10 plants around the globe to build the vehicle.

  • 2017 - ELP


    ​On May 31, the East Liberty Auto Plant demonstrated its flexibility and celebrated the production start of the Acura MDX. This addition brought the total Acura model lineup here in Ohio to five along with the NSX, TLX, ILX and RDX.

  • 2017 - MAP


    ​On September 18, the Marysville Auto Plant began mass production of the All-New 2018 Honda Accord, the tenth generation of the vehicle. Since the Marysville Auto Plant started building Accords in 1982, more than 11 million have been made.

  • 2018 - ELP


    ​On May 15, 2018, the East Liberty Auto Plant celebrated mass production of the All-New 2019 Acura RDX. A clean-sheet, top-to-bottom redesign of Acura’s perennial top-selling five-passenger luxury SUV.

  • 2019 - HAM


    On April 6, 2019 - Honda Development and Manufacturing of America surpassed $100 million in philanthropic contributions to local Ohio communities. This total includes more than $58 million in corporate contributions, $28 million from Honda associate contributions and $14 million in donations from the Honda of America Foundation in Ohio.

  • 2019 - HAM


    April 10, 2019 - Honda Development and Manufacturing of America opens a 40,000 square-foot Manufacturing Training Center to provide new production associates with the skills needed to successfully transition into current manufacturing roles. The two-week, hands-on, innovative program supports workforce training for Honda’s Marysville Auto Plant, East Liberty Auto Plant and the Anna Engine Plant.

  • 2020 - HAM


    AUGUST 28, 2020—Acura celebrates the mass-production start of the all-new 2021 Acura TLX sport sedan today at Honda of America Mfg.’s Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio. The first Acura sedan created from the ground up following the brand’s return to Precision Crafted Performance.

  • 2020 - HAM


    January 12, 2021 - Acura celebrates the official production start of the all-new 2022 Acura MDX at the East Liberty Auto Plant in Ohio. The fourth-generation MDX, was completely redesigned from the ground up to serve as the new flagship of the Acura brand.

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