It takes a world-class team to build a world-class automobile.

​For over 30 years our highly skilled and passionate associates have driven our success story, leading by example and setting the bar for others to follow. And they've set it high. In fact, thanks to them and the growth they've inspired, Ohio is now established as a worldwide center for engineering excellence, a testament to the character, spirit and passion of a workforce proud to call this state home.


The human being is born as a free and unique individual with the capacity to think, reason, and create – and the ability to dream. ‘Respect for the Individual’ calls on Honda to nurture and promote these characteristics in our company by respecting individual differences and trusting each other as equal partners.
– Honda Philosophy

​To us, diversity isn’t a buzz word. It’s a philosophy, and the backbone of what drives our success. That’s why we’re committed to diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business.

Whether it’s our workforce, our community involvement, our cultural competence or our suppliers, this commitment is evident everywhere you look.

Philosophy Infographic


​We attribute our strong team to two principles that have served us well since the beginning. Respect for the Individual and The Three Joys.

Respect for The Individual enshrines the concept of fairness and equality in every Honda operation around the world. A diversity of ideas and talent is the backbone of what makes our team great. Everyone brings something unique to the table. And collectively they provide a product that fits our diverse customers.

The 3 Joys outline a trio of essential experiences that any individual can expect to enjoy as a member of the Honda family: Joy of Buying. Joy of Selling. Joy of Creating. Together they form our spiritual guide and moral compass. They inform our every decision, practice and objective, and ultimately make working here both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling.

The Racing Spirit

​As a young man Soichiro Honda was gripped by a passion for racing. At age 22, and drawing on his skills as a mechanic, he adapted a V-8 Curtis Wright engine to race on a Ford chassis. He took the wheel himself and promptly broke the Japanese speed record, accelerating up to 75 miles per hour. Honda Racing was born!

But it would be his uncanny ability to adapt racing technology to the wants, needs and desires of the consumer market that would propel his enterprising company into a global giant.

His deep-rooted desire for relentless innovation remains at the very heart of all we do. It powers us to create today’s dreams, and forge them into tomorrow’s innovations. Honda Racing continues to win at all levels of motor racing – from Formula 1 and CART to Indy and Super Bike – and that’s a fitting legacy to a man who lived for victory.

Racing Spirit 5 Keys to Success


By seeking out our competition, we are motivated to do our absolute best.


Be ready to do everything at the starting time.


Togetherness: the driver, staff and machine are all vitally important.


Be ready to solve unpredictable problems at all times.


The only goal is winning. Concentrate every power on that one goal.

  • The Racing Spirit
  • The Racing Spirit
  • The Racing Spirit
  • The Racing Spirit
  • The Racing Spirit

Why Our Suppliers Are A Lot Like Us

​We manufacture 680,000 vehicles a year and more than a million engines, but we couldn’t do it without help from more than 600 domestic parts supplier across North America and continues to make a commitment to its business partners. Never is this more evident than in our state Ohio.

Last year, Honda spent more than a third of its total North American budget with our 158 Ohio suppliers. Over the past five years, Honda purchased more than $37 billion in parts from our Ohio suppliers. In other words, the Buckeye State is literally the backbone of Honda’s supplier network.

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Compliance and Ethics

Corporate Compliance & Ethics (CC&E) Office

Our Corporate Compliance & Ethics Office promotes a culture of integrity, respect, and shared responsibility. Some of the CC&E activities include:

  • Policy implementation and enforcement
  • Training and communication
  • Monitoring, auditing, and reporting
  • Investigations

Why is our commitment to a strong compliance and ethics culture important?

  • It reflects the understanding that our customers and society will judge us based on how we conduct business, not simply what we accomplish.
  • The long-term success and growth of our company is dependent upon each associate’s understanding of our commitment to ensure compliance and to pursue best practices with integrity.
  • It is the right thing to do.


Our Trade Compliance Department, Security and Administration work together to oversee our frontline participation in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT). CTPAT is a voluntary program which partners the importers of foreign goods with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to combat terrorism in the U.S. The Honda companies in North America are proud to support the Department of Homeland Security in this effort. Our security and associate policies are used to support our commitment to this effort.

For more information contact our Trade Compliance Department at (937) 645-8740.

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