One of Honda’s core values is Respect for the Individual, and one way we demonstrate this is through our Inclusion & Diversity initiatives.

Our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) were created to connect like-minded individuals in order to strengthen our company, workforce and community. BRGs enhance Honda’s competitive positioning and address challenges and opportunities facing the company. Through BRGs we embrace and encourage inclusive and innovative thinking, as well as provide career and development opportunities.

AARCH African-American Resource Collaborative of Honda

Our vision is to present cultural, educational, professional, and social activities into the workplace as we aim to develop future leaders, promote a sense of community and contribute to Honda’s overall success.

Honda Young Professionals (HYP)

Enhance and develop the careers of Honda’s Young Professionals by inclusion and encouragement, through professional and social networking.


The purpose of this BRG is to provide and foster a safe and open environment for LGBTQ associates and allies. We welcome members regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. By doing so, we will provide a network which promotes professional development and empowers associates to share their diverse perspective.

Military & Veteran Supporters

Connect the Values, Knowledge & Experience of Honda’s Veterans Active, Reserve, & Retired Service Members with the Core Values of Honda to Strengthen Networks, Develop our Workforce, & Support the Greater Community.

Women Powering Honda

Promote Diversity of Thought in manufacturing by encouraging the empowerment and engagement of women who want to share perspectives, gain innovative manufacturing knowledge, and improve leadership, and communication skills, by networking with industry peers.

Earth - Environmental Focus

Cultivate Honda’s environmental efficiency and awareness and support the Honda 2030 vision of creating a sustainable society by providing a platform for associates to suggest, get involved in, and lead initiatives within their company.

Phoenix Addiction

To serve Honda employees, families and our communities with support for physical, and emotional health of a person or family member seeking CARE, EDUCATION, HOPE and WELLBEING. We want to selflessly provide a safe, respectful, honest and empathetic environment to create an atmosphere conducive for healing, change, awareness and understanding that ANY and ALL recovery doesn’t happen overnight; rather, it comes with time and willingness of each person to believe that recovery is possible for everyone…a positive transformational approach to life, work and society.

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