Honda Associates Join Motorcyclists at 2006 HomeComing

Thousands of motorcycling enthusiasts, along with families from surrounding communities, attended the Honda HomeComingsm July 27-29 at Honda of America Mfg.‘s Marysville Motorcycle Plant. Highlights included hundreds of associates from the motorcycle plant lining up to greet hundreds of Gold Wing enthusiasts during a ride-in Friday and demonstrations of the new safety airbag system being installed on Gold Wing models. In addition, there was an enthusiastic response to the involvement of motorcycle and motor vehicle associates from Honda of America. Activities included technical skill competitions, team-building expeditions and displays created by associates to show how they build the products that their customers ride and drive. “The increased involvement of our associates was the most gratifying aspect of HomeComing for me this year,” said Bob Axe, manager of the motorcycle plant. “This interaction of the people who buy our products with the associates who build them takes us back to the roots of what this event is really all about.” All four Honda of America plants ran displays showing how they build Accords, Civics, Elements, Acura TLs, the new Acura RDX, and the engines that power them.* Visitors got in and tried out features on the display vehicles, including audio and navigation systems on the new RDX. Production of this all-new model started recently at the Marysville Auto Plant, and RDX sales begin Aug. 10. One of the main attractions at HomeComing during its 18 years is plant tours of the motorcycle plant, with more than 5,000 viewing the plant this year. In addition, tours attracted more than 500 visitors to the Marysville Auto Plant, more than 400 to the East Liberty Auto Plant and nearly 300 at the Anna Engine Plant. Visitors to this year’s event came from across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, while others joined the three-day event from overseas. “Honda’s always amazing when you see all the changes that take place inside the plant from one year to the next,” said Mark Skinner from Indiana. “I love watching them build the bikes. You turn your head for one second and you miss something. It’s just incredible.” Event Highlights • Dan Stevens of Tipp City, Ohio, won the Gold Wing GL1800 Giveaway on Saturday. More than 5,000 visitors registered for the drawing. • 386 motorcycles formed the Light Parade from the Marysville plant to Bellefontaine on Thursday night. Another 862 motorcycles rode Friday night in the Light Parade to Marysville.
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