Honda Grant Will Improve Processing of Donated Goods at Goodwill Stores in Marion, Marysville

​Marion Goodwill Industries recently received a $29,000 grant from the Honda of America Foundation for the purchase of carts specially designed to improve the safety and efficiency of collecting and processing donated goods. The funds are designated for the purchase of special “polycarts” for the Goodwill retail stores in Marysville and Delaware, Ohio. Goodwill employees will use the polycarts to collect and process donations of used textiles, such as clothing and linens, and small household wares to sell in the Goodwill retail stores. Since they are outfitted with a height-adjustable spring bottom that rises and lowers depending on the weight of goods place in them, the carts reduce bending and lifting, thus improving safety and operating efficiencies. The grant is part of Honda’s community philanthropy program and ties well to the company’s focus on safety and efficiency. “Throughout our manufacturing operations, Honda has implemented practices to safely process and distribute parts for auto production,” said Jose Banaag, ergonomics leader at Honda of America Mfg. “It is gratifying to help implement some of these same practices at our local Goodwill stores.” In addition, use of the specialized carts is eco-friendly, allowing the Goodwill stores to reduce use of plastic bags, cardboard containers, and pallets during the collection and processing of donated items. “We appreciate the strong partnership we have had with Honda over the years and their activities to improve the lives of people in our communities,” said Bob Jordan, President/CEO of Marion Goodwill. “As always, we want to thank the people at Honda for their generous donation and support.” Goodwill Industries The mission of Goodwill Industries is to assist individuals with disabilities and other special needs to attain self-sufficiency through employment and training, thus enabling them to reach their maximum potential in the community. Through donations to Goodwill, local residents are helping to support our retail stores, which provide job opportunities in your community. Honda in Ohio During more than 30 years in Ohio, Honda has been dedicated to improving the communities where our associates live and work. “We believe that, collectively, our associates’ commitment and compassion can generate the power to improve our future, and we follow their lead to support the organizations for which they volunteer and contribute”, said Caroline Ramsey, manager of Government and Community Relations for Honda of America, Mfg., and executive director of the Honda of America Foundation. Since 1979, Honda’s charitable giving programs have supported numerous local needs and programs. These include major grants to hospitals, community centers, theaters, food banks, after-school programs, nature preserves and parks. As a result of this shared commitment, Honda and its 13,500 associates in Ohio have contributed more than $75 million to local community organizations throughout the region.
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