Honda News Advisory: Major Investment at Anna Engine Plant Production Announcement at Transmission Plant

The News

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, Honda will announce at the Anna Engine Plant in Shelby County.

In addition, the company will announce production plans for a new assembly line at its transmission plant in Russells Point, Ohio, in Logan County.

Lt. Governor Mary Taylor will now attend Wednesday’s announcement at Honda on Governor Kasich’s behalf.

10 a.m.

Media announcement, followed by interviews and plant photo and video opportunities

In addition to the event, a tour of plant operations, and interviews with Honda officials and government leaders will be available.

Interviews with Honda leadership and government leaders:
Mary Taylor
Lt. Governor, State of Ohio

John Spoltman
Anna Engine Plant Manager

Gary Hand
Honda Transmission Mfg. Plant Manager

Location – Off I-75 between Dayton and Lima
Anna Engine Plant
12500 Meranda Road
Anna, Ohio 45302

Contact: Ron Lietzke
Office: 937-644-6627

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