Honda of America Mfg. and Area Counties Celebrate United Way Campaign Results

​United Way representatives from 15 counties in west central Ohio celebrated the success of the 2008 United Way campaign with Honda of America Mfg., Inc. today. Together, Honda of America and its associates contributed more than $1.76 million during the recent campaign. Nearly 8,000 Honda of America associates who pledged toward the 2008 campaign selected United Way agencies in 67 counties in Ohio and for their contributions, and another 39 counties outside Ohio. It was the 13th year that the total campaign dollars raised through associate pledges and the company match exceeded $1 million. Honda of America matches associate contributions at 50 cents per dollar. “The team at Honda of America once again showed its commitment to their neighbors, friends and families by contributing $1.17 million to the United Way,” said Tom Shoupe, the company’s 2008 United Way Campaign chair. “The many agencies supported through the United Way help make a difference in our communities.” Shoupe added that the United Way increases value to the local agencies by leveraging additional partnerships, government funding and grant support with the dollars raised through the local campaigns. United Way campaigns support hundreds of local agencies in the counties where Honda associates live and work. The impact in many of the counties include educational and enrichment programs for youth, programs to strengthen families, health and well-being, and agencies that care for people in crisis. They include organizations such as the American Red Cross and YMCA that operate in most counties, as well as agencies unique to local communities. These include Warm Clothes for Kids in Logan County, The Buckeye Ranch in Franklin County, Wings Enrichment Center in Union County and the Wilma Valentine Creative Learning Center in Shelby County. Since 1982, associates and Honda of America have contributed more than $26.5 million to local agencies through the United Way. Honda of America employs 12,500 associates at the Marysville Motorcycle Plant, Marysville Auto Plant and related support operations in Union County, the East Liberty Auto Plant in Logan County and the Anna Engine Plant in Shelby County. County 2008 Allen $64,632 Auglaize $85,953 Champaign $102,420 Clark $81,869 Darke $11,242 Delaware $81,237 Franklin (United Way of Central Ohio) $364,099 Hardin $50,973 Logan $266,983 Madison $27,737 Marion $71,328 Mercer $42,789 Miami-Covington $5,914 Miami-Piqua $14,110 Miami-Tipp $6,672 Miami-Troy $32,274 Shelby $134,833 Union $251,281 —30—
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