Honda Volunteers Paint, Plant and Build at Rachel’s House Children’s Shelter

​Rachel’s House provides temporary shelter for children of families in Logan County through its mission to reduce child abuse, neglect and endangering. A group of volunteers from Honda of America Mfg. provided their own brand of assistance Saturday through improvement efforts that included installing a children’s gym set, painting a fence and section of the house, and tilling and planting flowerbeds. “This is our way of helping a small local agency that meets the needs of people in a big way in Logan County,” said Ginny Milburn, who leads the Honda Hero Volunteers program. “Everyone involved in this project cares for people and their community.” Rachel’s House provides a helping hand to people during emergencies by providing a safe caring environment for children before a situation arises where a child may be at risk. Volunteers offer temporary shelter 24 hours a day, seven days a week, usually during emergencies when the parent or caregiver goes to the hospital or needs to be away from the home. Its services also are available when an unhealthy family situation in the home may directly affect the child’s welfare, or during severe stress leading to a lack of childcare resources. “I really do appreciate the efforts of these folks to improve our facility,” Rachel’s House Director Jeraldine Newlon said. “It helps create an environment that is both comfortable and pleasant for children that are going through a tough time. They did a wonderful job helping create a wonderful environment and activity area for the children.” She added that people from all over Logan County volunteer their time to staff Rachel’s House and donate items for use at the facility. A non-profit organization at 225 N. Detroit St., Rachel’s House offers its services without charge. Donations and fund-raisers exclusively fund its operations, and volunteers largely staff its services. Rachel’s House can be contacted at 937-592-3290.
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