Invention Convention

​Last Saturday, May 9, a dozen members of the Honda Young Professionals group volunteered as judges at the regional finals of the Invention Convention held at Columbus State Community College.    The Invention Convention program helps students grades K-8 through the invention process. The 501(c)(3) organization has been in existence since 1993, and its focus is on teaching students to identify problems and equipping them with the skills to solve them.  As we all know, a child’s mind sees limitless possibility and enabling them to be creative is truly inspiring.  The motto of Invention Convention is “Every Possibility Exists in a Child’s Mind” and it is evident in the array of inventions on display at these events.    Nearly 300 students presented on a variety of inventions ranging from ways to help shovel the driveway, measure dog food, keep wires organized, or help the disabled.  A few of the inventions were just plain sweet.  For example, one project description said, “I created a cup to catch the drips of ice cream so now I can drink the ice cream that I do not eat fast enough.” The Honda Young Professionals were pleased to help judge the inventions and inspired to work with the future professionals.  “It was great to see young minds challenging the status quo,” said Martin Scarpitti, who works at Honda Engineering. “These kids refuse to accept anything that fails to meet their expectations.”
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