Stillwater Technologies Receives Honda MRO Supplier Award

​In a ceremony at its facilities, the 90 associates at Stillwater Technologies, Inc., received the top award for precision manufacturing equipment from Honda of America Mfg.

Stillwater is among more than 2,000 MRO suppliers that provide maintenance, repair and operational services to Honda of America’s four Ohio plants. These goods and services support Honda’s overall operations and are indirectly related to the manufacturing of cars, light trucks, motorcycles and automotive engines.

Honda recognized only seven MRO suppliers for achieving outstanding performance in their respective categories in the areas of safety, quality, cost and delivery.

“This is a significant award for each of you, and I am privileged to present all the associates at Stillwater Technologies with this award for being our top MRO supplier for Precision Measurement Supply and Service,” said Ryan Deericks, leader of the commodity group for HondaMRO Purchasing.

To earn the top award, each supplier’s performance was evaluated in key areas. Then Honda took it a step further by having five end-users within the company evaluate the supplier’s performance.

Stillwater’s President and CEO, Bill Lukens responded saying, “We thank our friends at Honda for this recognition. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the various divisions, not only here in Ohio but elsewhere in North America. Stillwater has been a supplier and business partner with Honda and its affiliates since 1986. They have in fact, been our largest customer for the past 14 years.”

Stillwater is a contract tooling and machining company that serves customers in the aerospace, automotive, communication and machine tool industries. Their services include design, engineering, fabricating, machining, assembly and finishing. Established 49 years ago, Stillwater has been a member of the Troy community since 1961.

Honda of America’s MRO suppliers are in addition to more than 600 motor vehicle parts suppliers in North America. Purchases from these parts suppliers totaled more than $17.6 billion last year.

Honda has been manufacturing automobiles in the U.S. longer than any other international auto manufacturer, and later this year will mark 25 years of auto production in Ohio, using domestic and globally sourced parts. Honda began manufacturing motorcycles in 1979 and started auto production in 1982 with the opening of the Marysville Auto Plant. The company has produced more than 17 million cars and light trucks in North America since that time.

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