Honda Heritage Center

The Honda Heritage Center museum is open to the public free of charge and exhibits showcase the challenging spirit that has driven our company to overcome challenges and make a positive impact on the environment, our communities and our customers.

Honda Engineering North America

Established in 1988, this facility designs, develops and manufactures stamping dies, specialized production equipment and technologies for Honda plants across North America.

Honda Lock Research & Development

At Honda Lock, research and market analysis are conducted on key cylinders, door mirrors, glove boxes and door handles.

Honda North America, Inc.

Honda’s North American regional operations is the coordinating entity for all Honda North American facilities . They are also responsible for overseeing Honda’s North American sales, manufacturing and R&D for the company’s product lines.

Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America, Inc.

Built in 1997, Honda Transmission is Honda’s most integrated transmission plant in the world. They make automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), and four-wheel drive systems.

Midwest Consolidation Center

The team in Troy purchases top-quality replacement parts from suppliers and distributes them to service centers at Honda and Acura dealerships.

Honda R & D Americas, Inc.

There are more than 1,300 associates at this expansive facility near Raymond who perform engineering design, prototype fabrication and testing, local parts procurement and support for the start of mass production.

Honda Access America

Here, our team researches and designs many of the accessories used on Honda and Acura vehicles produced in North America. In addition to product development and testing, we confirm installation methods and ensure accessory parts quality after installation.

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